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CNC mist filtration

Supplying Clean Air to Industry

Research and development focuses on meeting the demands of today’s high-speed machining operations associated with oil, water soluble or synthetic coolants, using high pressure coolant pumps on a variety of metals.

Filtermist S-Series & FX2000

compatible with Filtermist S-Series & FX2000 After Filters

Product Code: 03.20056 LPG 355 S 30 FMS

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Filtermist FX4002/FX5002

compatible with Filtermist FX4002/FX5002 After Filters

Product Code: 03.20054 LPG 355 S 30 FM

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Filtermist FX6002/FX7002

compatible with Filtermist FX6002/FX7002 After Filters

Product Code: 03.20055 LPG 445 S 36 FM

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MistBuster - Professional maintenance service

To guarantee this continuously, professional maintenance and expertise is important. Filcom Filterservice Ltd offers support that ensures regular maintenance.

Service works include:

  • Measurement of the MistBuster® electrical components
  • Separate charging, measuring and - where possible - correcting the MistBuster® cells
  • Remove dirt and oil from the cells, printed circuit boards (power supply) and ionizer / collector board
  • Periodical replacement of the MistBuster® cells by cleaned and tested cells (building up the correct voltage)
  • No more investment required for new filter cells and/or replacement of ionisation wires

Replacement Cassette Filters

suitable for Absoluent, Scandmist, OMF, Nederman & More. Please feel free to contact us for differnt sizes and brands.

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