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Paint Arrestors

Paint arrestors with a high paint storage capability and low pressure loss


Product benefits

Due to the very open structure, the complete existing surface is used for the filtration of paint particles. This allows a high paint storage capability with low pressure loss.

The paintbox is made of fire-retar- dant material (class F1 according to DIN 53438).


Paintbox filter elements are used for dry separation in the paint booth exhaust air.

Technical data Clear Coat 3V Clear Coat 5V Base Coast 3V Base Coat 5V
Dimensions (mm) 500x500x500 500x500x500 500x500x500 500x500x500
Filtering area (m2) 1.5 2.5 2.5 2.5
Initial pressure drop (Pa) 35 30 30 25
Nominal volume flow (m3/h) 1500 1500 1500 1500
Recom. final pressure drop (Pa) 600 600 600 600
Particulate matter efficiency (%) 98.9 98.9 96.8 96.8
Recyclability not recycleable not recycleable not recycleable not recycleable
Flammability class F1 (DIN 53438) F1 (DIN 53438) F1 (DIN 53438) F1 (DIN 53438)

The Paintbox is also available in dimensions 500 x 500 x 300 mm.


Individual customization

The elements are available in the „customized“ option. In this case, real situations are simulated on our own test bench with the original colors of the user in order to optimize the Paintbox with regard to the customer-specific conditions.

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